It’s tiring work being this popular – 30th November 2013

It’s been a hard day being adored by all at the Kensal Flea – even TV stars.

131130 pt2

All that’s left for me is a nice long snooze.



I found it like this, honest – 29th November 2013

Just because something is out of place, why do they always blame me first.


Throw me the keys – 28th November 2013

I’ve spent too long being just a passenger, just need Titan and Kenji to work the pedals and we are off!


The postman also rings for Loki – 27th November 2013

Finally the strange man with a colourful bag who turns up everyday had something for me.


There was more than just a squishy paper thing – props to Destructo (aka Marley) for sending me a great chew toy.

131127 pt2

I demand some chicken – 26th November 2013

Now I have you exactly where I want you – where is my dinner!


Another victim put down – 25th November 2013

All will fall prey to Loki once they are on the hit list!


Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to work I go – 24th November 2013

It’s a dogs life – early Sunday morning and I am off to work again!  Still at least I get to see Pebbles.


At least I got to have mid morning tea so that was a bonus.