An old favourite – 30th April 2014

I haven’t seen this little toy for ages – I have had it since I was a tiny puppy and it’s still going strong.



Where’s my chicken!?! – 29th April 2014

I can smell chicken, I can see chicken bones.  I have been lying here really good, but still I haven’t been given any.


140429 pt 2

Canal viewing – 28th April 2014

Just taking in the views along the towpath – very relaxing.

140428 pt1

Loki v Pebbles ~ bundle time – 27th April 2014

Trying to keep out of Emma’s way while she was working, reckon I have the upper paw…

140327 pt 1

Well maybe not…

140327 pt 2

Sneaky sleeping – 26th April 2014

This gives a different view of the room – still as comfy as the other armchair.

140426 pt 2


Time for drinks – 25th April 2014

Pebbles looks a little funny when he’s had all his hair cut off – still I think it makes him run faster.  Thirsty work this running around


Meeting Japanese Friends – 24th April 2014

Met a Shikoku today, very wolf like but very awesome.

140424 pt 1