It’s been a long year – New Year’s Eve 2013

After another day of running around with Pebbles and bringing in the new year with treats and wine it really was time for a big sleep – bring on 2014.

131231 pt2



Bad weather = street walking – 30th December 2013

No visitors today mainly due to the weather being abysmal.  When it finally cleared up went on a walk to Paddington station with Pebbles.  We had to wait for Matt to catch up.


I enjoyed our first walk of the day so much I thought I should take Pebbles for another.

131230 pt 2

Finished the day with a nice Rawhide treat each, thank you Aunty Jayne.

131230 pt 3

All play and new friends make Loki a happy pup – 29th December 2013

The fun continued at Pebbles’ house, today Frankie the pug came to visit.  Frankie is funny and makes strange noises all the time – still he only has short legs so I could out run him easily.


Playing away – 28th December 2013

Today was a fantastic day – firstly I am staying over with Pebbles for a few days.  It wasn’t long before we were battling for toys and the like once again.

131228 pt 4

Secondly Kiki and Koji came over to play which meant lots of running around the garden – Pebbles succeeded in getting himself into a Shiba sandwich.

131228 pt1

We also spent time playing in the pond – maybe one day I will be as big as Koji.

131228 pt3

Family resemblance – 27th December 2013

I keep getting told I am the spitting image of my mum – I’m not sure, what do you think?


Scaling new heights – Boxing Day 2013

Look how high I can climb now – not sure I will be able to get away with this for very long.


New sights and new friends – Christmas Day 2013 – Part 2

After the excitement of this morning it was time for a stroll along the canal – lots of new things to see and I also met Ritchie the husky – he was very big!

131225 pt 2