What are you trying to say? – 30th June 2014

Are you making out like I am some form of cartoon dog, well?



Family Portrait – 29th June 2014





This is the first time me and my brothers have all been together since we split up.  I reckon I’m still the most handsome one.

Oh and Aunty Maera joined us too

140629 pt 3

Satdee morning lie in – 28th June 2014

Nothing better then a nice long lie in to start the weekend


Sleepy smile – 27th June 2014

Nuff said


I demand chicken – 26th June 2014

Not sure what their definition of express is but I’ve been waiting for ages.


Moles and Mushrooms – 25th June 2014

Hey, this is a new collection, not seen these before.

140625 pt 3

Think I like the mole the best – can I keep him?

140625 pt 2

So undignified – 24th June 2014

This is no way to be treated, however cute I look !!!