Passers by – 31st July 2014

It’s nice to be sat up front in the van, it’s a much better view.  What the heck is that?



Shopping for boots – 30th July 2014

No not for me – but I’m happy to sit here and be adored



New toy – 29th July 2014

So cool I have a new toy – I’ll play with it when I have more energy.


More new friends – 28th July 2014

Both young…….

140728 pt 1

…….and a little older, but all very playful

140728 pt 2


Snuggled up in my favourite spot – 27th July 2014

There’s always time for a snooze and here is just perfect


Shower time – 26th July 2014

Not happy – unceremoniously drag into the garden and hosed down – literally…..

140726 pt 1

……okay I admit I now look fantastic, but seriously still not happy

140726 pt 2

Watch your step – 25th July 2014

Seems like the perfect place for a snooze – if only people would stop walking over me.