Now that’s better – 31st March 2014

The house was again full of workmen today, but look what they did!

140331 pt1

Even the stairs are covered, lots more places for me to sleep.

140331 pt2



This is unacceptable – 30th March 2014

Who removed all the furniture and where’s my bed.  How am I supposed to sleep comfortably on this?


Up close and personal – 29th March 2014

Oh hi, wonder what a camera lens tastes like.

140329 pt 2

Missing bone – 28th March 2014

I am sure I left a bone shaped chew toy up here somewhere….

140328 pt 1

yep, there is is

140328 pt 2

Normal Service to be resumed

Do not fret Loki is alive and well and up to as much mischief as he possibly can.  Due to on going building work internet access has been somewhat patchy.   That is all coming to an end so prepare for plenty of catching up.


Pebbles Dashing – 27th March 2014

Another great run around with Pebbles, not sure if he’s chasing me

140327 pt 2or I’m chasing him!

140327 pt 1

Bear tug – 26th March 2014

All I have to do is hang on and eventually she will let go!