Left to my own devices – 31st January 2014

Seeing as there was no-one to play with I had to make my own entertainment.


Sadly I was caught out before I could make a real mess.  I wasn’t very popular.


Keeping out of the rain – 30th January 2014

Given yesterday’s soggy incident I am keeping myself nice and dry.

140130The weather did improve enough for me to meet with Sylar on my evening walk – look at his tail go.

140130 pt1

Drying Out – 29th January 2014

Walking is all well and good – just not that much fun in driving rain.  At least my beanbag is next to the radiator so drying out is comfy.


Running Free – 28th January 2014

Time for me to start running off the lead – don’t worry I did come back – this time.

140128 pt1

Also I met a new friend called Ringo – he’s like Pebbles like to chase tennis balls


Walking down the Welsh Harp – 27th January 2014

Today bought something new – a visit to the garden centre which to be honest wasn’t very interesting.  However, this was followed up with a great walk around the Welsh Harp reservoir.

140127 pt 2Got to meet a lot of new dogs – my favourite was a big doberman – he was friendly.

140127 pt1

Hope to be going back soon.

Mixing with friends – 26th January 2014

What a fantastic day playing with Kiki and Koji – well Kiki mainly.

140126 pt 3 140126 pt1

There was still time for toys.

140126 pt 2

In the end we might have got a little bit carried away.


Thanks to Dan for the fantastic photos.

Portobello Pup Day – 25th January 2014


Walking down to Portobello Market is becoming one of my favourite things to do, there are always so many new friends to meet.  Today included a Basset Hound, a Dalmatian and a very friendly small fluffy puppy.

140125 pt 1 140125 pt 2 140125 pt 3

All very exciting for me.