Chillin’ in Acklam – 31st May 2014

Another Saturday afternoon being adored down Portobello means it’s time to take the weight off in Acklam Village – all that’s missing is some food.

140531 pt 1


Feeling artistic – 30th May 2014

Time for a new project…..

Think I’ll just have a small nap to prepare myself


Tea’s Up – 29th May 2014

Tasty, tasty


Loft warming gift – 28th May 2014

Hey what’s this – can I eat it?


Doesn’t look like – oh what’s over there.

140528 pt 2

The storm before the calm – 27th May 2014

This bed is just not right, time for a move about

140527 pt1

No that’s no good either

140527 pt 2

Nothing else for it I’ll sleep here

140527 pt4

And calm.

If I sit here long enough Chicken will come – 26th May 2014

I know it’s here I saw them bring the shopping in, now come on cough it up – I demand chicken


Finally got the bed all to myself – 25th May 2014

Epic snooze time ahoy!!!!