Italiano for lunch – 9th November 2014

After a morning playing with Pebbles it was time for lunch at Arancina.  The nice people there even gave me extra pizza topping. #Eatarancina



O brother where art thou? – 31st October 2014

Hey Pebbles you coming out to play?
Pebbles, Pebbles you in there.


Catching up – 29th September 2014

Hey Pebbles, you won’t believe the adventure I have been on….


Birthday Party – 11th September 2014

Today has been lots of fun…

140911 pt 1

…started with a great run around the garden with Pebbles.

140911 pt 2

Then finished the evening a Koji and Kiki’s to celebrate my first birthday (albeit a few days late.  Yummy pie for all!!!

140911 pt 3

Where is it? – 27th August 2014

I know I put a treat in my bed, it has to be here somewhere….

140827 pt 1

….. maybe I was wrong – that or Pebbles ate it.

140827 pt 2

Dog Day Afternoon – 26th August 2014

A gentle stroll along the canal – they must have known we were coming.


It’s not all about the sleeping – 25th August 2014

Just quite a large part of it.