If I keep quiet maybe they won’t know I’m here – 25th March 2014

I’ll just close my eyes for a couple of seconds and keep very still.



Playing in the park – 24th March 2014

Taking advantage of the continuing sunny weather.


Strolling in the sunshine – 23rd March 2014

The sun is out, the sky is blue – thank god it’s not raining.


Comfy Bed- 22nd March 2014

Can I help you, I was just settling down for a snooze.


Keeping a weather eye – 21st March 2014

I lie here waiting to greet any incoming visitors – hope there may soon be carpet though.


It wasn’t me – 20th March 2014

Hole dug in the garden – don’t know what you are talking about.  No this isn’t mud on my nose and paws I can assure you of that.


Some sort of freedom – 19th March 2014

Having made it out of the garden I am thwarted in my attempts at freedom.  Yes I can get into the house, but no further.  Damn you croft panels.